Neu Kunstliches Fechtbuch

New Illustrated Fencing Book

Jakob Sutor von Baden, 1612

The following are translations of pages from Neu Kunstliches Fechtbuch dealing specifically with the longsword. The longsword section runs from page 2 to page 19. Sutor's fechtbuch draws heavily from Meyer and the miniscule longsword section is included as the book's first weapon for little apparent reason other than tradition. I translated this and include it for curiousity's sake. This fechtbuch signifies the waning role of the long sword, it is primarily a rapier and dusack treatise which borrows heavily from Meyer's much more impressive work.

Special thanks to the Freifechter for putting a modern text transcription online, and for their kind permission to make use of it here. This translation was based on that transcription.

An early version of this translation is also available for viewing in AEMMA's Knowledge Base.

Pages 2,3 - Description of sword fighting
Page 4 - Ox and Plough
Page 5 - High Guard and Fool
Page 6 - Barrier Guard and Hanging Point
Page 7 - Bounce Strike
Page 8 - Glancing Strike
Page 9 - Changer and Key
Page 10 - Breaking the Traverser
Page 11 - Plane Match and Change Through
Page 12 - Arc Strike (Krumphau)
Page 13 - Wrathful Guard
Page 14 - Traversing from the Ox
Page 15 - Disengage, Match Plane and Strike
Page 16 - Glancing Traversal
Page 17 - Wrenching Krumphau
Page 18 - Knee Wrench
Page 19 - Leg Throw

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