Jakob Sutor, Neu Kunstliches Fechtbuch

Page 16,


If you cross from below in such a way that he can't get under your sword, then catch his cross and shift ahead to his hilt, thrust your pommel ahead while extending your right arm, wind your long edge to the outside from below while thrusting out from the pommel. Note that if you attempt a glancing strike against a long strike, target his right side, don't let him come against your sword but change under, strike to his right and drive through on your left and inside his long edge..

Note: this is describing the action taken by the fighter on the left. He is breaking a free strike with a glancing traverse counter to his opponent's right. This is a winding down thrust that starts from a crossed guard and glances off an incoming blow and can then skip up inside the oppsing blade to counter. See also Talhoffer tafel 6 for a similar setup.

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