Jakob Sutor, Neu Kunstliches Fechtbuch

Page 13,

The man on the left is in the stance called the Wrathful Guard: stand with your left foot forward, hold your sword off your right shoulder so that it hangs behind you ready to strike, take more distance than you would for the Ox but use it to entice your opponent forward. Attack your opponent from above then step and flatten to strike in a high traverse cut from your right as he withdraws so that you cut with the half edge to his left ear, close against further withdrawal, move to your right while transitioning left over his head, step and hit his right ear with another traverse with the Weak, striking through the middle line. 

See Meyer page 7 for more on the Wrathful Guard. See also Meyer page 13 for a look at the Wrathful Strike, a strike launched from the Wrathful Guard.

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