Jakob Sutor, Neu Kunstliches Fechtbuch

Page 12,


When you move from pre-fencing and come into the High Guard, let the sword drop in front of you and strike on your left, twitch to the head, step and strike a high breaking traverse cut to the right side of his neck with the true edge, subtly switch its course, step and strike a high cut directly from above with the true edge.

These three actions must be struck swiftly against your opponent, giving you more space to switch your lead and head to the left. Pull the weak or false edge upward on your left side and strike through on his right against his strike to your right, again raising your sword high in the air, strike with the middle edge from above down and then raise crossed hands to your right ear as a fail safe and a lead into a false edge Wrathful strike to his left. Thus you have put him away.

This is a wordy description of a kurtzhau, a short edge krumphau. Basically: fake a high strike left, step left and re-strike with the false edge, and end up in the Right Ox to finish him off.

See Meyer page 12 for another view.

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