Goliath (MS 2020) is a multi-weapon fechtbuch whose chapters correspond closely with the "Danzig" fechtbuch of 1452 (MS 1449). The fechtbuch begins with the longsword chapter, a recital of Liechtenauer's verses which follows with line by line commentary and examples, similar to other 15th century fechtbücher.

The translation of the longsword chapter is based on Grzegorz Zabinsky's transcript. It was translated by Mike Rasmusson. Page-by-page links to a copy of the manuscript page scans were added for those who wish to look.

NOTE: Between May 6 and June 27, 2005, this translation was extensively edited and revised. There were a lot of errors that needed to be corrected. Apologies to all for leaving it in essentially draft form for so long. The edits were long overdue.

Section 1:
Recital of Johannes Liechtenauer's Art of the Long Sword
Anonymous Commentary on the Recital

           Introduction and Pages 1-20
           Pages 21-40
           Pages 41-60
           Pages 61-80
           Pages 81-100
           Pages 101-121
           Pages 122-146

Most chapters in Goliath correspond almost exactly with chapters in Danzig's Fechtbuch. Like Danzig's fechtbuch, Goliath includes the teachings of several earlier masters with the teachings of a contemporary master, perhaps an elderly Peter von Danzig or perhaps one or more of his students in the case of MS 1449. Unlike MS 1449, the anonymous master in Goliath contributed to every fighting art covered in the book, but his identity is uncertain at this time (05/04). The following is a map of how the two books relate.

   Longsword Section

   Goliath plate 8-152 = Danzig plate 10r-38v (Liechtenauer's longsword)
   Goliath plate 155-177 = unknown

   Dagger section

   Goliath plate 183-202 = unknown
   Goliath plate 203-210 = Danzig plate 85r-86r (Lignitzer's dagger)
   Goliath plate 212-226 = Danzig plate 94r-96v (Hundfeldt's dagger)

   Wrestling section

   Goliath plate 227-266 = unknown
   Goliath plate 267-299 = Danzig plate 100v-107v (Ott's wrestling)
   Goliath plate 300-323 = Danzig plate 81r-84v (Lignitzer's wrestling)

   Armoured Section

   Goliath plate 334-384 = Danzig plate 39v-52r (Liechtenauer's mounted combat)
   Goliath plate 385-395 = Danzig plate 97v-100r (Hundfeldt's mounted combat)
   Goliath plate 396-402 = unknown
   Goliath plate 403-503 = Danzig plate 53v-72r  (Liechtenauer's armoured combat on foot)
   Goliath Plate 504-542 = Danzig plate 73r-79v (Lignitzer's shortened-sword)
   Goliath plate 543-563 = Danzig plate 87r-93r (Hundfeldt's armoured combat) *new*

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