IV. Degen. Tafel 43 bis 63.
IV. Dagger. Tafels 43 through 63.


43. Das ist der ober stich vnd der erst. ? Das ist der ebich stich vnd der ander.
43. This is the first, the high stab. - This is the second, the inverted stab.


44. Der stat in der vndern hut In dem dritten stich. ? Das ist der viert stich gewappet.
44. He stands in the low guard for the third stab. - This is ready for the fourth stab.



45. Der hat Im den stich entwert vnd will Im mit der fawst In das mawl stossen.
45. He has warded the stab and will punch him in the mouth with his fist.


46. Hie hat er verseczt awn den tegen vnd wirgt In Im ausz.
46. Here he has displaced on the dagger and forces him out.



47. Da hat er Im gewert den vndern stich vnd wil Im wirgen den arm uff die achsell.
47. There he has warded the low stab and will force his arm onto the shoulder.



48. Da hat er im den stich verseczt vnd wirfft In vber den fusz.
48. There he has displaced the stab and will throw him over the foot.



49. Da hat er verseczt in die schäre.
49. There he has displaced in a pincer.



50. Da hat er Im den stich verseczt vnd wirgt In von Im.
50. There he has displaced the stab and forces him from himself.



51. Das werffen an den ruggen vnd das arm brechen.
51. Throwing onto the back and breaking the arm.



52. Hie hat er In verkert vnd wirfft In uff den kopff.
52. Here he has reversed him and throws him on his head.



53. Stuck vnd bruch.
53. Attack and counter.



54. Das werffen Im tegen.
54. A throw with the dagger.



55. Der ober schilt zu dem tegen nemen.
55. The high block to take the dagger.



56. Punt wider punt vnd den tegen nemen.
56. Point against point and taking the dagger.



57. Das uber schrencken vnd werfen.
57. Enclosing over and throwing.



58. Der vnder schilt fur den vndern stich.
58. The low block toward the low stab.



59. Das schlüssen umb den arm.
59. Locking around the arm.



60. Das fachen Im tegen vnd das füren.
60. Trapping with the dagger and leading.



61. Der bruch uber das füren.
61. The counter against leading.



62. Da Hand sie baide die stich verseczt.
62. There they both have displaced the stabs.



63. Da hat er In geworffen vnd hebt In mit gewalt.
63. There he has thrown him and lifts him with force.



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