Von Messerfechten.

Of Messer Fencing

From "Der Alten Fechter Anfenglich Kunst" transcribed by Alexander Kiermayer of Ochs and made available by Die Freifechter. Translation by Mike Rasmusson.

This fechtbuch is a woodcut published sometime between 1529 and 1531 by Christian Egenolph, the Messer portion of the book is a variant of a Messer treatise written in 1478 by Hans Lecküchner.

Note: Magister Andreas' longsword-messer terminology guide is a valuable study aid to longsword students investigating the Messer. This essay was included in the multi-master Hans von Speyer fechtbuch of 1491.

Plates 17r to 26v

Plates 27r to 33v

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